Acoustic Juice



Sat. 8/24 7:00 PM The Juice at Jack's Hard Cider Finally we get to play this venue, been a long time comin'. What used to be Hauser is now under new management as Jack's Hard Cider. They are in the same location w/ the same gorgeous view and some really great wines, ciders, ales. Please join us o... more
Sat. 9/21 All day 200th Anniversary Walnut Bottom w/ The Juice We'll be joining many of our very talented Musician friends and their bands to celebrate the Firehouse 200th Anniversary Celebration. There will be lots of activities, food, music, etc. Come out and support this event, they contribute alot to their ... more
Sat. 10/19 8:00 PM The Juice at Three Pines We had such a great time at Three Pines, we're lookin forward to headin back there again!!! Cathy, the owner and staff treated us very well. This place is very Rustic, love all the wood inside and of course, they are famous for their Wings in these p... more
Sat. 11/2 All day THE JUICE at Dogwood Acres
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